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(January 2021 - May 2021)

AI Programmer, Sound Programmer


General Info

The Exaggerated Epoch of Edward O'Hare is an action-adventure story game set in an imaginary toy world! Players will traverse the toy-filled landscape and story while combating enemies along the way. TEEEO takes players on an odyssey that will usher nostalgia and excitement for all!

My Contributions


  • Completely revamped the state machine

    • streamlined the state creation process

    • state machine now supports attack states on a single enemy

  • Programmed a multi-phase boss

    • Six attack patterns, separated into short-range and long-range

    • Attack selection weight changes depending on boss's phase​

    • Audio cue upon entering third phase​

  • Implemented knockback when attacking enemies​


  • Set up and balanced 50+ sounds and 6 songs

  • Communicated frequently with the sound designer about edits to sound effects

  • Iterated on Mana Punch's audio controller, improving performance and adding the following features:

    • Fade an Audio Source towards a specified volume​ over a specified period of time

    • Queue a sound to play immediately once another sound finishes

    • Better control over looped tracks

Development Screenshots

For more information, please visit us on twitter, or download the game on Steam!

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