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(February - July 2020)

SFX Lead, UI/UX Programmer

Forkdrift is a multiplayer action game where players take control of customizable forklifts and take part in either of two game modes: the King of the Hill-styled "Delivery" mode or the free-for-all "Fork Frenzy" mode.

As the team's UI/UX programmer, I worked closely with Abs Harrop, the lead designer; and Roland Richardson, the UI artist, to implement a scoreboard in Delivery and the minimap and speed gauge that are visible in both game modes. I also worked with Alex Mannion, the lead artist, and Adam Clarke, the lead programmer, to implement a customization menu and worked with Abs to ensure that scaling behaved properly in the different menus and to refine the lobby screen.

Outside of UI work, I also took on the sound design work for the game. This included sourcing and editing 11 royalty-free audio clips for the various sounds in the game (including tire screeching, the engine revving, and the lift raising and lowering) and developing a simple audio balancer that handled volume and pitch modifications in real-time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working on Forkdrift and was very excited to see it through to its Steam release on July 31, 2020.  This was my first official foray into sound design and it made me seriously consider whether it might be a viable career path.

The rest of the Forkdrift team is as follows:
Abs Harrop (lead designer)
Adam Clarke (product owner and lead programmer)
Alex Mannion (lead artist)
Colton Soneson (graphics programmer)
Grady Mayo (co-lead programmer)
Matt Randolph (Shipyard level designer)
Max Weintraub (mechanics designer)
Nick Alibrio (co-producer and PR manager)
Roland Richardson (logo designer, concept UI artist)
Tessa Nelson (marketing and assistant 3D environment artist)
Zach Frye (co-producer and community manager)

For more information, please visit the game's website!

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